Multiservice Company

in the city of Alicante

"Your need, our commitment"

Our services

We are a multi-service company for individuals and businesses. The comprehensive solution that offers a wide variety of services to meet the diverse needs of customers. Whether in the home or business environment, we stand out for the ability to provide a full range of high-quality services.

Reformas integrales para todo tipo de sitios.


Comprehensive renovations, painting, tiling...

Equipo de limpieza de fincas

Cleaning and maintenance

Home cleaning and maintenance

Trabajo de desbroce


Clearing of private properties, community and public lands.


We will renovate 66 Lofts as part of the projects of our multi-service company

Investnova will carry out the renovation project of 66 lofts in the Altea Marina. The work will be carried out with the highest levels of quality of materials and finishes in record time.

Identidad de investnova

Reliable and efficient!

Investnova is a multiservice company located in Alicante. Specialized in cleaning, maintenance, construction and gardening with the mission of helping you with tasks that, due to lack of time or professional advice, you have not been able to perform. Whether at home, office or environment, we have an expert team that will do it all for you.

We stand out for our versatility, quality and professionalism. We offer a wide range of services ranging from cleaning and maintenance to repairs and remodeling, adapting to the changing needs of clients. Punctuality and efficiency in the provision of services are essential, as well as the use of trained personnel and appropriate equipment. In addition, we are characterized by being transparent in prices, providing excellent customer service and being committed to high ethical and environmental standards. Reliability and customer satisfaction are essential pillars in building our strong reputation in this industry.

Why choose us as a multi-service company?

We are excellent specialists and we like what we do. Covering several service areas, we save you the time of searching for a company for each task you need.